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The economic capital of India, Mumbai, is home to the maximum number of tgherapists

Priyanka Jay Patel

Based at Thane

Priyanka is one of our most active Certified Therapists  who ahs done tremendous work with Sounds of Shiva with herself and has taken it to people in Dubai and Malaysia.

Dr. Uma Chillalshetti

Based at Mulund

Uma, a coveted radiologist, started experiencing shifts right from day one and since then has been an avid advocate and user of Sounds of Shiva. For her, this has been an interesting vista.

Revati Dighe

Based at Kandivali

Revati is our Star Therapist with her prolonged and continuous application of Sounds of Shiva on self and a variety of clients, both personal and corporate, with great results.

Dr. Kedar Bakshi

Based at Vasai Road and Kandivali

Dr. Kedar has a unique take on Sounds of Shiva where being trained a dentist, he first tests it on himself anf then applies it to people and situations with amazing results.

Tushar Mohan Hande

Based at Charni Road

Tushar has the innate gift of customising the Sounds of Shiva to suit the unique needs of the person/space and clear the undersired elements within the fastest time.

Chintan Dalal

Based at Kandivali

Chintan, a Nada Yogi, is a natural with the Sounds of Shiva. His unique take and realisations on the individual sounds add an unprecedented depth to the work.

Aarti Desai

Based at Santacruz

Aarti, an animal communicator, by passion, has used the Sounds of Shiva to great success with our pawed companions as well as with spaces, people and her own self.

Keeraan Tanpathak

Based in Dombivali

A gifted healer, Keeraan, merged with the Sounds of Shiva very quickly and developed his own take applying it successfully with issues unresolved with any other therapy or method.